Looking for a paid summer internship? Read on!

(now accepting applications for Summer 2019)


As a summer intern you will setup meetings with local merchants every day. Your goal is to educate them on how Coinmo can drive students to their business using our proprietary technology and sign them up. The internship is full time so you'll be hustling Monday - Friday during business hours (9am-5pm). It's a numbers game, so you'll be meeting with a lot of merchants. The more you meet, the more you'll win. Although we aren't physically there with you, we'll be with you every step of the way.


We're looking for entrepreneurial, ambitious, driven, and outgoing students who have an interest in sales, marketing, and startups. This is a unique opportunity to become a co-founder and launch a new product at your school with our support every step of the way.


Because this is what we do. We have spent our careers developing college students into young professionals. It's our passion. Not all internship programs are created equally. Beware of clerical office positions disguised as internships. At Coinmo, we will train, coach, develop, and challenge you to go outside of your comfort zone. You will learn how to build relationships with clients, give professional presentations, overcome objections, sign clients, and launch a new product.


This is a paid internship. We pay commission on every sale. The more you sell, the more you'll make. On average, interns will earn $2,500 +/- over the summer. Strong work ethic = more money. We pay on a weekly basis via direct deposit. 


The job market is competitive. You've either worked restaurant, retail, and babysitting jobs, or you have real experience working with clients in the field, generating revenue, executing marketing initiatives, and launching a product. We know what employers are looking for and how to position you for success upon graduation.


We're connected. After the internship we will send your resume directly to recruiters at top firms from various industries from Fortune 500 to midsize companies to startups. Not many students will have this kind of experience before graduation which makes you an asset compared to typical students.








  • LOCATION:  The Westin - Atlanta, GA 🔥
  • DATE:  Friday May 10th - Sunday May 12th 🗓
  • COST:  $0  All expenses paid (flight + hotel + meals) ✈️
  • DETAILS:  Meet our team, meet other Coinmo interns from around the country, learn the product inside out, attend role play sessions, objection handling workshops, structured training sessions and explore the city of Atlanta.  You'll leave feeling confident, energized, and ready to take on the summer! 💯


We're currently conducting interviews for our summer internship program. If you think you have what it takes, please complete the application below. Qualified applicants will be contacted by phone/email within 48 hours.



3423 Piedmont Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30305

Phone: 470-635-0852



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